sábado, mayo 26, 2007 20:30

Sargento español muere en un ataque talibán

Gobierno mentiroso y traidor!

No queremos un Gobierno que miente. El sargento muerto en Afganistán no sufrió un accidente, murió en un ataque talibán. Una nota de prensa de la OTAN lo confirma:

Release # 2007-397 25 May 2007

KABUL, Afghanistan (May 25) – During overnight operations in southern Afghanistan, one ISAF soldier was killed and two were injured when they came under attack by Taliban extremists in two separate incidents.

In one event, ISAF troops were involved in an improvised explosive device strike in which one soldier died and another was injured. In a second attack, ISAF troops were engaged by the extremists with both small arms fire and rocket propelled grenades, resulting in the injury of one soldier.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of these soldiers at this time,” said ISAF Spokeswoman Lt. Col. Angela Billings. “The troops were involved in operations to help build a brighter future for the people of Afghanistan. This cruel act by enemies of peace is not just again ISAF, but against Afghanistan as a whole.”

In accordance with ISAF policy, ISAF does not release casualties’ nationalities.

Contact Information
ISAF Public Information Office

Press Office +93 (0)79 51 1155


zETAp traidor, Gobierno dimisión!

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